The Fangirl Shape Up Project

Getting healthy...the fannish way!

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Fangirls getting in shape in a healthy way.

This is a community for fangirls (and boys) of all stripes who want to discuss getting ourselves into better shape in a HEALTHY way. We talk about working out, eating deliciously and healthily, our health issues, overcoming challenges, and fangirling. We also sometimes share recipes and pictures of our days of eating (see below).

Anyone is welcome to join, although membership requests must be approved. All shapes, sizes, ages and fandoms are warmly welcomed!

Community Rules:

1. Be nice. No, seriously. Let's all be supportive of each other. It can be difficult to talk about our struggles with weight, health and exercise.

2. Use common sense. This is related to #1--think before you post.

3. Be healthy. This is a place to have discussions about creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. This may not be the community for you if you have an ED or are newly in recovery from an ED. We don't want to trigger you or make your issues worse.

4. Keep the personal information of members to yourself. We will ban you without mercy if you share the personal info and/or pictures of other members without their permission.

5. If you join, feel free to create a post introducing yourself. This isn't mandatory, though.

6. Getting off topic into fangirling is always appropriate.

7. Participate. The more you participate, the more you'll get out of the community.

8. Racism, sexism, homophobia and all the other isms are NEVER acceptable. We want to be a community that's welcoming for everyone.

9. Have fun!

That's it, folks! If you have questions or concerns, please PM one of the mods: dashakay or leiascully.

New Members: one ongoing activity we're doing is a Day of Eating. Feel free to create a post, once a week or so, where you share with us pictures of what you ate that day. It's not so that we can all critique how healthily you're eating, but because it's interesting and fun to see what our fellow members are eating. Click on the Day of Eating tag to see what we're talking about.

Image courtesy of the awesome truemyth.