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A Weekend Of Eating: leiascully
leiascully wrote in fangirl_shapeup
Aha! I forgot to take a few photos yesterday, so I took a few extra today.

Scotch-cut oatmeal in the rice cooker! I added nutmeg, vanilla, a touch of salt, and a hearty shake of cinnamon.


Oatmeal in a bowl with soymilk and a tablespoon or so of syrup. Coffee for me (still brewing) and tea for coffeesuperhero.

Leftover pizza from the local place for lunch. Mmmm. I had two pieces of the spinach & tomato variety.

Soup! Chock full of veggies plus some Morningstar veggie burger crumbles. So healthy. And it's leftovers today.

I had a snack of banana and tea at Bosslady's house while I was babysitting, but didn't have my camera. Her house is cold, so when I got home, I was hungry, and I had a snack of pierogi and fake sausage links.

So tasty and proteinful! That's about 260 calories worth of delicious right there. Although I then had half a cup of Blue Bell Southern Hospitality ice cream that I forgot to photograph. Rest assured it was delicious.

Bonus! This morning's brunch of omelette with spinach, onions, and a little cheddar cheese, plus toast with jam.

Also, a doughnut and the inevitable coffee.

Dinner will be leftover soup plus homemade bread.

Picking out a bread recipe.

Bread in progress!

Future tastiness in the form of my vegetable garden.

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I'm so jealous of your bread-making abilities. I've never tried. It seems like some kind of arcane magic to me.

Mmm...both days look absolutely delicious. Especially the oatmeal for some reason. I'm one of the few people in the world who actually gets excited about yogurt.

It's really not difficult! I promise. I wouldn't lie to you!

It has been a tasty, healthy couple of days. Although I also had ice cream last night that I forgot to take a photo of. Oops.

You know what's great? Living here and getting to eat all of this haha! The bread was deliciouuuuuuuuus!
(I could eat oatmeal all the time!)

Oooh, no! Bread-making isn't that hard at all. I bake bread every Friday, and VirgataGirl can pretty much do it herself at just shy of five.

I too enjoy yogurt.

That omelet looks really yummy. As does the stew. I think we have a bread maker around here somewhere, leftover from mom's second wedding, but I don't think we've ever used it.

Thanks! I like omelettes a lot. I never use a breadmaker, but that's just because I don't have one.

That omelette looks heavenly. Oh, YUM.

Hey, you know what's awesome?
When you feed meeeeeeee! :D :D :D

I like doing that for sure!

The soup looks soo good. Im freezing in the lab right now - would love a bowl of piping hot soup.

hehe - when I first read your description of the omelette I read "spinach, onions, and a little cheddar cheese, plus toast WAS jam."

Jam - OK, Im cool with that, some new lingo, Im hip Im young Im down with that .... and then I scrolled down and saw that you actually had jam on your toast -bwah - I amuse myself :)

It was absolutely jam! Also with jam. *g*

See, this is what I need to get back to doing. Cooking more. I really do love to cook and used to make amazing meals all the time, but now I'm just too exhausted to bother when it's just for me. The kids are creatures of habit and like the same breakfast every day, Mr. Virgata typically just has coffee, and the kids eat lunch at school.

Anyway, everything looks delicious. Good luck on the garden! Oh, and what kind of bread did you end up making? (I love to bake bread too.)

I love cooking. Despite the fact that coffeesuperhero is also of the coffee-for-breakfast-what-is-this-lunch-of-which-you-speak variety. It's great to have ranee42 around to feed!

I just made a basic French bread. Despite my shortcuts, it was delicious!

O man, you lost me at pizza.

Such tasty pizza, though!

I bet it was! Nothing beats fresh-baked bread. I make beer bread about once a week, and that's one of my favorites because it's foolproof and requires no rising or kneading. VirgataGirl (age 4) can make it by herself if I measure out the ingredients for her.

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