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splodge04 wrote in fangirl_shapeup
Hi, My name is Katie and I like porn FOOD. I am a 20 year old fangirl who loves BSG and is addicted to A/R. However, unlike the first addiction listed here, they don't make me gain weight (the other things they do to me might not be appropriate for this place ;) )

I is currently trying to cut back on all those YUMMY, FANTASTICALLY AMAZING and SCRUMMY items of junk food that continually beg us to eat them. I have decided that chocolate is no longer my friend, and I must give it up. It gets me into trouble and makes my jeans not want to fit me anymore. I'm also trying to eat better in general (I have no idea how this will work when BSG is over)

Apart from the food aspect of my life, I am trying to increase the amount of exercise i do. Yes. Exercise. I walk home from uni everyday (around 4 miles) as long as it isn't raining or anything. When i break up from uni at the end of the week I intend to grab my friends and go on random walks. Who knows where we will end up, but these are my intentions and I am trying to stick by them.

and I also like porn. But that is a different story. :D

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HI, KATIE! (OMG, I feel like we're at an AA meeting!)

I'm so glad you're here, honey. It sounds like you're taking some concrete steps to get healthier, which is awesome.

And porn. OH YES, THE PORN!

LOL it is! *snickers*

I is certainly trying. Although willpower is not one of those things I was graced with lol *SQUISHES* I is glad to be here, thank you for creating this ossum place :D

WE LOVES THE PORN. I somehow have to work this into my routine. Like, if I don't do well, i shall not draw porn in paint. *nods*

Oh, man... life without chocolate? More power to you. Actually, I had a fair amount of success for a few months by buying a small box of chocolates (like, from See's, that were about 100 cal. each) and keeping track of my intake. When I was successful each day, I ate my little chocolate at night, as desert. I really savored it and it helped motivate me, and I'd budgeted for it so I didn't have guilt. I found it worked best with the See's box were each chocolate was a little different and special because, honestly, when I bring home a bag of Hersey's kisses or something, I tend eat a lot more than I'd meant to.


I'm with you on the junk food - I am an ice cream and baked-good WHORE. My one downfall is my sweet tooth.

Walking is great for exercise - I used to walk every day with my best friend (not because we were trying to exercise, but because we were just BORED) and we always were pretty thin back then.

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