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truemyth wrote in fangirl_shapeup
cityesm's intro post gave me this idea... I know I need to hydrate more than I do. If you want some help/motivation/competition to help make sure you're drinking enough water, I have a proposal:

1) Go to this site and figure out how much water you should be drinking.

2) Post here with your water goal and location... if someone near the same time zone as you is inclined to be water buddies with you, they will comment and then send you a LJ message with their cell phone number.


Comment to someone else who has already posted and needs a buddy.

3) You comment back with yours...

4) Over the course of the day, you can update your buddy via text with how much water you're drinking and help keep each other on track.

How does that sound? I figure we'd want buddies within a time zone or two of us, just so we can be round about the same place with each other as far as ounces drunk.

Water Buddy List

Pacific Time Zone
truemyth and tlynnfic
simplytoopretty and (you?)
miri_d and (you?)

Central Time Zone
octoberaine and airbefore

cityesm and (you?)
memories_child and (you?)

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I need to drink 80 oz. a day, as long as I'm not exercising.

I live in the Pacific Time Zone.

Anyone wanna be my water buddy? I wouldn't want to over text each other... I'm thinking... no more than three texts a day? But I'd text you more or less often if you want.

This is a FANTASTIC idea! I don't drink nearly enough water. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, too, and would love to be your water buddy!

Yaaaay! I'll send you a message with my cell number.

I should be drinking 100 oz. a day. Oy.

Make sure that's the with or without a 'healthy diet' number. If you're eating the right number of veggies and such, you don't need as much water because you'll get it from them.

OH! Okay, with a healthy diet, I need 81 oz. That's MUCH better!

Okay! You should have a LJ message. Check ( if you don't get notifications and you can send me your number.

GREAT idea!

I need to drink 80 oz. a day.

I am in the Central Time Zone.

I would love a water buddy! I tend to "over text", but I can control myself! :)

Hey, I too need 80oz and am in the central time zone! What a coincidence.

I need to drink 80 oz. a day.

I live in the Pacific Time Zone (in Canada so another Canadian would probably be best).

I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, but in the US, so texting someone in Canada (sorry, simplytoopretty would be far too expensive for me.

I need to drink between 54 (if I eat healthy) and 67 (if I don't) oz. of water a day.

Water has never been a big problem for me, simply because I don't like most other drink options; I'm sure if I was a big fan of cokes, I wouldn't be nearly as friendly with water as I am. But one thing that's really helped me drink enough water is to always keep a water bottle in my purse. Also, it helps if you make a point to notice every water fountain you walk by and take a few gulps from it.

Yay, thanks for making this happen! I'm in London for now (GMT), but I'll be in EST from this summer... I probably will actually remember to drink at least some water in New York's canicular heat in July, but i'll take a water buddy now or then just the same :)

Maybe you and memories_child would like to team up for a bit.

I'm in South Wales (GMT) and need to drink 92oz. (73oz. if I've got a healthy diet). A water buddy would be great because I really am dreadful at drinking enough (I might drink a pint a day, if I'm really, really good).

bring it on! it says i need to drink three litres which is inconceivable to me - but MORE would be good :) phone number is in a PM

Woo water buddies! Have sent you a text!

104oz for me. I'm in US Central (Kansas).

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