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A Day Of Eating: leiascully
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leiascully wrote in fangirl_shapeup
These photos represent about 2000 calories of food, according to SparkPeople. Usually, I try to keep my intake a little lower than than, closer to 1700, but I went to yoga and kickboxing today, so I indulged a little. I took in about 1200 calories net - I don't really want to go lower than that.

Breakfast: 1 cup of Oatmeal Squares (carefully measured with the cup you can't really see on top of the box), about 3/4 cup of soymilk split between cereal and coffee, 2 c. coffee. Mmmm.

Coffee! Buy local. Usually, I wouldn't have any mid-morning, but my colleague treated me. I got plain brewed coffee with a splash of lowfat milk, rather than indulging in a latte as of old. Sigh. Tasty Guatemalan, though.

Lunch, post yoga: a tofurky sandwich with a tablespoon of hummus replacing my usual mayo and mustard (I've stopped putting cheese on my sandwiches, so there's a little extra flavor and protein), a 100-calorie portion of white cheddar popcorn, a strawberry yogurt (the kind without gelatin - lords do I miss yogurt in France), and an apple I didn't end up eating because it was disgusting.

Lunch part two: I was still starving after that, so I went and got a little bowl from the salad bar (cottage cheese on the bottom, mixed veggies in dressing and a rice salad on the top) and a muffin and I only ate half of each. So tasty, though. In the background, notice my totally stylin' wrist wrest.

Dinner: when I got home, coffeesuperhero took a recipe I'd found for pasta with ricotta & green garlic and made it fantastic. She plated everything up so nicely too. Mmmmm. We used whole wheat rotini instead of penne, but when I have pasta, I like to buy Barilla's enriched kind with extra protein. On the side: some of yesterday's grilled romaine with some mixed greens, which I topped with one tablespoon of the dressing in the next photo.

After dinner: one 100-calorie Fit & Active fudge bar (so light and fluffy, with 6 grams of protein and only one gram of fat! I highly recommend them - they're an Aldi's brand), one piece of gum, the salad dressing, and three potato, cheddar, and jalapeno pierogi, because I was starving again after I got back from work and remembered to take a photo of my fudge bar.

All that plus about 10 cups of water from my ancient green narrow-neck Nalgene with the half-worn-off "I Love My India" sticker.

I stayed within my Spark-dictated guidelines for carbs, fat, and protein, and exceeded my RDA of iron, so hooray! A pretty good (and delicious) day.

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I want to eat everything you ate today!

Not all at once, of course. But it all looks soooooo good!

It was pretty darn tasty! A good day of meals.

I like to buy Barilla's enriched kind with extra protein.

Me too! I'm so psyched that they came up with that, I've found it's a great way to boost the ol' protein intake.

Oh, I want piergois! They make me proud of my Polish heritage. :)

I love the Fit & Active frozen bars. We've gotten the fruit ones, too, and they're packed with pieces of fruit. Much better than the artificial stuff in most fruit bars. :)

And so low-cal! They're tasty as all get out.

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