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cityesm wrote in fangirl_shapeup
What a marvelous idea! Hello loves, my name is Emily... i'm not especially active in fangirldom - other than by osmosis by virtue of living with my lovely platonic wives medland  and red_scully who nurture my squee on a daily basis - but XF was my first fandom love, ER is my happy place, i've recently discovered and fallen headlong for The West Wing, and I fully intend to dive headfirst into this thing called BSG I keep hearing about just as soon as my schedule permits ;)

I'm pretty much a workaholic. Even though I don't like my job so much right now. Paradoxical. 

I've been curvy since I was about 12, but at less than an inch shy of 6 feet tall, I can pretty much carry it off. I'm not all that worried about being slimmer, but lately I've felt like my body is falling apart by degrees, and I definitely feel the need to be healthier. 

I dance (ballet) whenever I don't have an excuse not to, which isn't often enough (the actual dancing, not the excuses - those are way too frequent!), and I walk a *lot*. I detest the very idea of gyms, and would run but for a very dodgy knee that I'm more scared of than actually hampered by. 

My main concern is the lack of vegetables and hydration in my diet. I drink gallons of coffee and eat bushels of pasta, but I know that I need to drink a lot more water, and eat smaller, more balanced meals. 

I'm totally down with exercising, though, and if someone puts ideas or challenges on here, I'll definitely give it a whirl. And if anyone else wants to buddy up on trying to drink more water, give me a shout - I'll never remember to go and get a glass for myself, but I will *totally* stay on top of sending you emails telling you to get yourself one. I love telling people what to do ;) 

I'll start with a recommendation, actually: dancing is awesome. Ballet is definitely not for everyone, but jumping around your bedroom with a hairbrush while blasting Britney (or ACDC or whatever) burns calories too. As does tangoing with beautiful strangers - real or imaginary - or even 'heads, shoulders knees and toes' if you want to multitask and entertain little people (either by having them join in, or laugh at you ;)). 

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Or Dancing in the Kitchen to Britney with random fangirls ;) GOODTIMES! :D (we'll ignore the vodka/punch that was present in our systems)

Your water idea is AWESOME and I'd totally take you up on it, but I'm rather far from you in time zone. So I made a post where people can hook-up with buddies. Hope you check it out.

Dancing is a fun way to burn calories! I don't know if it counts as dancing, but I play Dance Dance Revolution to burn calories. Video games + geeky fangirl + calorie burning = HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!

I really want to get into dancing! I've got DDR but half of the things I need for it are in storage.

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