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A Weekend Of Eating: leiascully
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Aha! I forgot to take a few photos yesterday, so I took a few extra today.

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Community Guidelines
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We've had some more new members join, so I thought I'd post another reminder of our community's guidelines. Please note that we have clarified our position on disrespectful posts in #2.

Our guidelines are pretty simple-- if it's even vaguely related to getting in shape in some way or another and/or to fangirling, feel free to post it! Need to vent? GO FOR IT. Want to talk about your motivation or lack thereof? YES. Want to post yummy recipes? OF COURSE. Have a question? FOR SURE.

Since we are all mature adults, there aren't a ton of rules around here, but here are the few that we do have:

Community Rules:

1. BE NICE. No, seriously. Let's all be supportive of each other. It can be difficult to talk about our struggles with weight, health and exercise.

2. USE COMMON SENSE. This is related to #1--think before you post. Disrespectful behavior towards other members will first result in a warning and may lead to being banned from the community. Use common sense about what is respectful or not. If you know a fellow member well, you probably have more leeway in what you say to her than to a member you don't know yet. When in doubt, be nice. See Guideline #1.

3. BE HEALTHY. This is a place to have discussions about creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. This may not be the community for you if you have an ED or are newly in recovery from an ED. We don't want to trigger you or make your issues worse.

4. KEEP THE PERSONAL INFORMATION OF OUR MEMBERS TO YOURSELF. We will ban you without mercy if you share the personal info and/or pictures of other members without their permission.



7. PARTICPATE! The more you participate, the more you'll get out of the community. And we're all really, really nice. Scary nice.


That's it, folks! If you have questions or concerns, please PM one of the mods: dashakay or leiascully or leave your question in the comments (all comments screened).

A Day Of Eating: leiascully
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H 2 0h!
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cityesm's intro post gave me this idea... I know I need to hydrate more than I do. If you want some help/motivation/competition to help make sure you're drinking enough water, I have a proposal:

1) Go to this site and figure out how much water you should be drinking.

2) Post here with your water goal and location... if someone near the same time zone as you is inclined to be water buddies with you, they will comment and then send you a LJ message with their cell phone number.


Comment to someone else who has already posted and needs a buddy.

3) You comment back with yours...

4) Over the course of the day, you can update your buddy via text with how much water you're drinking and help keep each other on track.

How does that sound? I figure we'd want buddies within a time zone or two of us, just so we can be round about the same place with each other as far as ounces drunk.


project: Bringing Sexy Back 2009
*waves in an overly-caffeinated way*

First of all, I would like to thank the lovely and talented dashakay for setting this up. I needed some motivation!

Okay. Okay, okay. Here's the what, here.

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I'd kind of like to branch out into some exercise in addition to dieting. I do T'ai Chi right now, but more for my mind than my body. I carry all my weight on top, so my arms could desperately use some toning. Anybody got any low-impact exercises for upper arm-hotness [by low-impact, I mean: something that won't make The Girls give me a black eye when I move]?

I feel like this community is such a great idea. One of the only drawbacks of trying to keep the weight off and stay motivated was that my RL friends, heaven bless them, loved and supported me, but couldn't begin to understand why I wanted to lose weight. To them, I was perfect like I was. They're the best friends a gal could have, but they would just blink confusedly at me if I asked them for a tasty low-cal way to enjoy my favorite foods. So.

Here's to us! Good luck, everybody!

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What a marvelous idea! Hello loves, my name is Emily... i'm not especially active in fangirldom - other than by osmosis by virtue of living with my lovely platonic wives medland  and red_scully who nurture my squee on a daily basis - but XF was my first fandom love, ER is my happy place, i've recently discovered and fallen headlong for The West Wing, and I fully intend to dive headfirst into this thing called BSG I keep hearing about just as soon as my schedule permits ;)

I'm pretty much a workaholic. Even though I don't like my job so much right now. Paradoxical. 

I've been curvy since I was about 12, but at less than an inch shy of 6 feet tall, I can pretty much carry it off. I'm not all that worried about being slimmer, but lately I've felt like my body is falling apart by degrees, and I definitely feel the need to be healthier. 

I dance (ballet) whenever I don't have an excuse not to, which isn't often enough (the actual dancing, not the excuses - those are way too frequent!), and I walk a *lot*. I detest the very idea of gyms, and would run but for a very dodgy knee that I'm more scared of than actually hampered by. 

My main concern is the lack of vegetables and hydration in my diet. I drink gallons of coffee and eat bushels of pasta, but I know that I need to drink a lot more water, and eat smaller, more balanced meals. 

I'm totally down with exercising, though, and if someone puts ideas or challenges on here, I'll definitely give it a whirl. And if anyone else wants to buddy up on trying to drink more water, give me a shout - I'll never remember to go and get a glass for myself, but I will *totally* stay on top of sending you emails telling you to get yourself one. I love telling people what to do ;) 

I'll start with a recommendation, actually: dancing is awesome. Ballet is definitely not for everyone, but jumping around your bedroom with a hairbrush while blasting Britney (or ACDC or whatever) burns calories too. As does tangoing with beautiful strangers - real or imaginary - or even 'heads, shoulders knees and toes' if you want to multitask and entertain little people (either by having them join in, or laugh at you ;)). 

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Well, for those who don't know me I'm memories_child (also known as mem, Beth, B or wolfy) and my fandoms are The X Files and Californication. I figured I'd join up here because I've been saying for the last year or so that I want to lose weight and get fit, but haven't really done anything about it.

I'm 5 foot 4ish and currently the heaviest I've been (at 13 stone, which I think translates into 156lbs), although I've lost 2lbs in the last couple of weeks, and not happy about it. I've struggled with eating and self image before, and I'm back at the point where I won't let anyone take a photo of me if I can help it, so I really need to do something about it. I've found my problem isn't so much healthy eating (I have salads most days in work, though I will admit that working in an office where people keep bringing in cakes and biscuits doesn't help); it's not exercising. I'm currently living at home with my dad and have a 25 mile drive to work, so my exercise pretty much consists of walking from my door to the car. I have recently started to play badminton once a week, and am going to try to go to classes (the gym at my work runs lunchtime and after work classes), but I could definitely use some help with the old motivation thing.

Anyway in a pretty long (but not chocolate coated) nutshell, that's me. Nice to meet you all :)

ETA: 13 stone is actually 182lbs, which I'm not happy with at all!

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Hi, My name is Katie and I like porn FOOD. I am a 20 year old fangirl who loves BSG and is addicted to A/R. However, unlike the first addiction listed here, they don't make me gain weight (the other things they do to me might not be appropriate for this place ;) )

I is currently trying to cut back on all those YUMMY, FANTASTICALLY AMAZING and SCRUMMY items of junk food that continually beg us to eat them. I have decided that chocolate is no longer my friend, and I must give it up. It gets me into trouble and makes my jeans not want to fit me anymore. I'm also trying to eat better in general (I have no idea how this will work when BSG is over)

Apart from the food aspect of my life, I am trying to increase the amount of exercise i do. Yes. Exercise. I walk home from uni everyday (around 4 miles) as long as it isn't raining or anything. When i break up from uni at the end of the week I intend to grab my friends and go on random walks. Who knows where we will end up, but these are my intentions and I am trying to stick by them.

and I also like porn. But that is a different story. :D

Welcome Post
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Hi there!  Welcome to fangirl_shapeup!

Feel free to create a post introducing yourself.  Posting is not moderated. And you can choose whether or not to lock your posts. I have now set the default to locked posts.

And feel free to post anything you'd like when it comes to eating healthier, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle.  The only rules are: 1) be kind to one another and don't flame or troll and 2) keep it healthy.  Hope that's not too vague.  Use your common sense.

And if anyone has any awesome fandom-related icons of characters you love working out, let me know!

ETA: And yes, I'll get to work on making this layout prettier.  Anyone want to make a pretty banner for us?



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